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Make up your mind / To me this isn't quite right. In the first picture he is speaking of caring for others, in the second scene he is talking about others missing him. THOUGH This is still funny!

BAHAHAHAAH! #hungergames

The Hunger Games cornucopia in the movie made so much more sense than the one in my head while I was reading. Same with the arena in Catching Fire!

Lol I read too much! Nm that was a lie you can never read too much!!❤️❤️

Only hunger games fans understand how funny this is: An Avox is a person who has been punished for rebelling against the Capitol;

Oh my goodness, this actually exists! My brother was watching Sesame Street and my sisters go "JAYLYN! They have The Hunger Games on Sesame Street!!!!!!!"

Randomness Is Awesomeness

Funny pictures about The Hungry Games: Catching Fur. Oh, and cool pics about The Hungry Games: Catching Fur. Also, The Hungry Games: Catching Fur.

Young Peeta | Josh Hutcherson | hahahaha

I just have to have thesebahahah young peeta. i always said josh hutcherson was gonna grow up to be a stud and the ladies would swoon. i was soo right!


Poor Josh…

Poor Josh /i love him so much/ funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

Frozen vs Hunger Games

THAT IS MAHOGANY! Am I the only one who got the mahogany line in Frozen?>>he a actually said something else than mahogany:(