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Small Copper Butterfly (Lycaena phlaeas)

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The monarchs that winter on trees in Mexico have already traveled long distances from the East Coast, and particularly the Midwest. Scientists now know that the fir trees store solar heat in their trunks, which helps warm the butterflies.

The Monarch Migration Every year millions of butterflies migrate from Mexico to Canada. Natural Bridges State Park is one of the many places you can see them in California from October to March.

The Scarlet Peacock (Anartia amathea)  is a common and very beautiful species which is found on both sides of the Andes, from Colombia to northern Chile. Its ubiquitous nature and contiguous populations result in regular exchange of genetic material, so no subspecies have yet evolved, and there is very little variation in markings between individuals.

The Scarlet Peacock (Anartia amathea) is a common and very beautiful species…

Little Glassywing Butterfly

Little Glassywing Butterfly


Beautiful butterfly -- Painted Lady Butterfly Photograph by David and Carol Kelly - Painted Lady Butterfly Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale

Butterfly on orange flower

Danaus gilippus (Queen butterfly) is a North and South American butterfly in the family Nymphalidae with a wingspan of mm. Photo by John Absher, taken at the Butterfly Exhibit at Tucson Botanic Gardens.

Newly Emerged Common Rose Butterfly

Common Rose is one of the most beautiful swallow tail butterflies to be found in India.

butterflies borneo

Cocoon and Butterfly Cartoons. Butterfly and Bird Catoons. Caterpillar and Bird Cartoons. Butterfly and Caterpillar illustration. Butterfly and Caterpillar artworks. Butterfly, bird and Caterpillar Illustrations.

Summer Azure Butterfly

Macro image provides an extraordinary close up view of the Summer Azure butterfly puddling in the sunlight.

most amazing butterfly picture photo

Colors are all around us! Check out some of the photos we have chosen to show the beauty of the different colors!