Grand Canyon sunset with her. Would be beautiful!

See a sunrise or sunset at the Grand Canyon. Sunrise from Yaki Point on the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park.

Искусственный город не лишен настоящих красот природы, потому что мертвые люди не понимают этой красоты. Они ничего не рушат и ничего не созидают.

'Garnet Glow' Sunset above the Sandy River, Mount Hood, Oregon. The sunset was affected by the smoke in the sky from the Central Oregon forest fires -photo by Gary Randall

The terms "Good Men" (Bons Hommes) or "Good Christians" are the common terms used for Cathars as opposed to "The Holy Roman Catholic Church!"

Stormclouds, The Pyrenees, Spain Even storms can look beautiful. It's all about perspective ;

Sunset at Hopewell Rocks in New Brunswick, Canada. A wall of water comes in at high tide, often approaching 30 feet.  This tidal push actually reverses the flow of the St. Lawrence river twice a day.

Hopewell Rocks on the Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick, Canada. The Bay of Fundy is an unique and amazing place. So much water comes in and out of the Bay at tide as to be unbelievable.


"NOVEMBER SEVENTEEN" Banff National Park, Alberta by Marc Adamus An amazing sunrise light show outside Banff in the Canadian Rockies. Probably the most intense sunrise or sunset light I've ever seen in nature.

Wowww splendide <3 ***

~~I Wake as a Child to See the World Begin sunrise on the shore of Lake Michigan, Kenosha, Wisconsin by Phil Koch~~

Sunset by marleis

The most beautiful place on earth *Lindy Point, Blackwater Falls State Park, West Virginia. (Not far from my birthplace--Morgantown, WV)


I'd love to see a midnight sun. Midnight sun in Norway. It is amazing to see the sun 24 hours a day in Norway.

Flame and Blue ~ sunset and calm seas by the breakwater in Bude, north Cornwall, England | photo: Mike Pratt

Sunset and calm seas at the breakwater in Bude, north Cornwall, England. The sky is so pretty!

Исландия. Неизвестное сооружение

Исландия. Неизвестное сооружение