OH Christmas Tree......

Please recycle your tree: lay it down in the garden, so the needles can provide free food to the soil, gives birds protection from predators, keeps cats out of your garden & is a portable trellis for flowering vines in the summer

Christmas Tree with colored lights

Clear Or Multi-Color Christmas Tree Lights-How About Both

We are talking Christmas tree lights today. Do you like clear lights or multi-color lights for your tree. We purchased a tree this year that has both!

white lights or multi color on your tree the dilemma is solved, seasonal holiday decor, Here is my living room tree with the color lights on

White Lights or Multi-Color on Your Tree? The Dilemma is Solved!

I love both white lights for their elegance and the color lights to bring back fun childhood memories I wasn't willing to give up the white lights so for the la…

Now I like Thanksgiving and all--I mean food and football where could you go wrong?--but I loooooooove Christmas!

I love the elegance of all white lights, but my guys love multicolored lights. Christmas is about doing for others, so I have given up white Christmas lights. We are multi colored all the way now. You only have your kids at home for so many years.

The family christmas tree.

The family christmas tree when I was growing up this was our tree

Beautiful  Christmas Tree

This tree reminds me of my childhood Christmases after the grandparents arrived with packages that "Santa" gave them to give us! The tree was always surrounded with "mounds of packages" for our large family!