1960s mondrian

The cover of Vogue Paris in September 1965 featured an Yves Saint Laurent dress inspired by artist Piet Mondrian.

Vogue Cover - August 1916 .

Vogue Cover Featuring Woman At A Beach by George Wolfe Plank

Vogue cover ~ by George Plank ~ August 1916 "No one who loved you would intimidate you into staying silent about something that bothered you.

Vogue Cover - July 1930  by Eduardo Garcia Benito

A Vintage Vogue Magazine Cover Of An African by Eduardo Garcia Benito

Art Pages - vogue 18

Vogue Cover - June 1916 Helen Dryden painted this lovely scene of a young woman all in white and a small child in pink taking an afternoon cruise in a gondola. The bright, cheery illustration served as the June Vogue cover.