An awesome bridge in Seoul, South Korea

Banpo Bridge (Seoul, South Korea) The Moonlight Rainbow Fountain is the world’s longest bridge fountain that set a Guinness World Record with nearly LED nozzles that run along both sides that is long, shooting out 190 tons of water per minute.

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Banpo Bridge~ Seoul,South Korea (Moonlight Rainbow Fountain) is the world's longest bridge fountain. Located at Seoul,South Korea.

✮ Bridge Over Han River In Seoul, South Korea

Bridge Over Han River In Seoul, South Korea

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lovesouthkorea:    Myeong-dong dates back to the Joseon Dynasty when it was called Myeongryebang (명례방, 明禮坊). During the colonial era the name was changed to Myeongchijeong (명치정, 明治町) and became a commercial district.  It became the official district of Myeongdong in 1946, after independence.

Seoul early morning shot of Myeondong + Cheonggyecheon Channel/Stream/Canal/River (many variations). I love the urban, nature combo.

Banpo Bridge, South Korea. The Fountain Bridge

Banpo Bridge (South Korea): The Fountain Bridge. A fountain runs all the way on both sides. The bridge pumps out 190 tons of water per minute using the water from the river below.

서울 (Seoul)

Seoul City - The colors in this photo are so dynamic and complex. The warm and cool colors looking like they're dancing throughout the picture. Where are your favorite places to take pictures in Seoul?I LIKE your food and i like to visit korea is so nice