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Lollipop Boys by FallThruStardust on deviantART

Bristol Paper Charcoal and Graphite 10 hours . Someone PLEASE remind me not to do more than like 2 members at a time.

Take A Picture by FallThruStardust on deviantART

Jackson, Jackson, Jackson

Its hard to hate jackson. Its actually menatally and physically impossible to either

Never judge a nerd. N.E.V.E.R !

Never judge a nerd. N.E.V.E.R !

He grew up so well But true though, you never know when puberty hits.

✧ уσυ мαкє мє нαρρу ωнєη ѕкιєѕ αяє ﻭяαу ✧<< I thought that said "When skies are gay" and I got really confused for a second.

When you have insane kids in your house and you just try to cook

ahhaa poor Jin He can't even cook because this will happen

HELP *running in flames* Insfires!


Suga's mixtape is being released this August! Also a MV! I am not ready even though I have been waiting my whole life for this. ❤ *later in like december* STILL HERE AGUST D