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Well a friend of mine asked me If I could make a tutorial on how I draw the TMNT. And then I thought, "Hey good idea! TMNT - How to Draw: Head [w/ Video]

TMNT - How to Draw: Upper Body by ~XeNiM666 on deviantART

Well, this is Part 2 of my previous tutorial. (I think) I focused on the upper body. This isn't really just HOW TO DRAW TMNT, it's how to draw the male. TMNT - How to Draw: Upper Body

Learn To Draw The Droids You're Looking For

Learn To Draw The Droids You're Looking For

Aw... That's adorable...

Even when they were little they all did a certain job, Leo lead, Raph helped everyone out, and Donnie out solutions to the problem.

how to draw clothes - Google Search

Drawing folds tutorial (I learned how to draw fabric when I was in Art college). I never had experienc drawing but took class. Guess what. Now I am an artist.

Como Desenhar Mangá

I'll try to post more, but I've had a hard time drawing recently. New Swords 19

Pony Anatomy Tips/Study/Tutorial by kilala97

A few of you may have noticed that I like adding variation to stallions' face shapes. This is just for me so I can keep them consistent in future drawings Try guess who they all are! Answers (top t.