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Hahahaha sorry for the foul language at the end, but this is GOLD for anyone who's played in an ensemble.

Do you want China listening to your concert?

Let's have some fun with a hilarious band post. It's long, but worth the read! Hahaha I'm crying I'm laughing so hard ----------- I'm the only flutest in my band I DON'T PLAY!

The last one is pure gold. Just imagine the guy, sarcastically saying that, and then seeing that shit and being like "Oh my God. I'm gonna make millions out of this!"

The Jeff one is hilarious. The dik-dik is real, but it isn't pronounces xylophone. Lol it's funny though.

Some of these are good, some are bad, but saving for the good lol

Long Tumblr post, but it's very funny

"HAAAAAHAHAHAHA. MY GOAL IN LIFE IS TO THANK WHOEVER DID THIS<<<SARAH YOU ARE ONE.....WOWWWWW" -- another poster         went to find the uncensored ver because the censored one i first saw was practically unreadable with all the missing words

Hahahahaha xD this person got a random number and texted it OMG PRICELESS

The only reasons to go to college. Or just don't because it's a horrible soul sucking abyss of terrible. But yeah...

I feel like this accurately explains college life. Sorry about the language

Haha parents and phones

26 Reasons Why Parents Should Never Text. reasons why parents should definitely text

XD I ship it lol

"I SHIP IIIIIIITTTTTTTTTT SOOOOOOO HARD" Come on, that challenge was begging to be accepted.<<< omg I ship it<<<<and then the shipping gods ascended upon the book and the pen, and said "let it be so." Thus, the ship set sail.

I am off to spill energy drink on my goldfish // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -