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The Avenger: you don't smoke this bong, it smokes you.

Heading north thru central Wyoming, Fremont Lake was perfect for a quick campsite. Description from pigseye.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images

The Delta 9 with its latest edittions. a Kind Creations double tree six limbs each, also a Kind Creations 17 slit inline. Defused a total of 53 times rips smoother than ever I'm in love 😍

10 Facts About Medical Marijuana

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#marijuana affects your body in Positive ways

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don't panic its organic. please make medical marijuana legal.it can help children who suffer from terrible seizures, all the way to ppl who are battling cancer and those of us who are suffering from chronic pain! legalize it in all states!

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Skull Bong {first bong I ever smoked out of. back in 2002 ☆☆☆JMN☆☆☆}…

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Creative Custom Blown Glassware #THCVIP just amazing!!! that must have taken A LOT of work.

10 Coolest Bongs in the World

Where does the smoke go? Well for tobacco the smoke goes to your lungs. We're convinced cannabis smoke goes to your brain but why not smoke your weed with a bong made of glass lungs!