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Fox Photography Ivan Kislov

Fox Photography Ivan Kislov

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It was such a treat to locate the den and be able to watch these two loving parent raise the kits all summer long. I spent countless hours watching the kits play, romp, fight and due all the things young fox kits do.

Where Mountains and Memories Meet - wonderous-world: Zen Fox by Roeselien Raimond

This fox's winter coat seems almost like a mane! Photo by Robert Fry on flickr.

A thick winter coat . Photo taken Rhonda Glover,by Robert Fry on March

Red Fox at Island Beach State Park by Mark Schwall

This is one of the many Red Foxes that inhabit Island Beach State Park along the Jersey Shore. I look forward to returning the park as we continue to work to Restore the Shore after the damage from Superstorm Sandy.

Renard 09

12 renards nous prouvent que les animaux ont une personnalité

In line with the Dog Portraits and Animal Souls series, the photographer Roeselien Raimond sought to capture the different personalities of foxes, photographing