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Found the “Mona Lisa” and began recording background sound created numerous visitors who came to see the masterpiece. Description from schsart.edublogs.org. I searched for this on bing.com/images

Melinda Copper ~ "Mona Peaches" (original painting, Mona Lisa by Leonardo da…

Fat Cat Art, el gato que protagoniza importantes obras de arte

Feline-Infused Satirical Art - Russian artist Svetlana Petrova has created a series of cat-infused classic art pieces. An ode to her own cat Zarathustra, Petrova’s work is .

Mona Lisa. True version. based on Leonardo da Vinci  @Susan Caron Caron Durrett  - worth clicking through to see the rest

The paintings 'made better with cats'

(1) Твіттер

(1) Твіттер

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Our styles change over time, though it is possible that in the future when they look back at our art, and shift it to reflect their styles at the time, those people will feel similarly to the way we do gazing upon this gothed up Mona Lisa.


"Mona Lisa" (Leonardo Da Vinci's) 1990 ~ 'The Cats Gallery of Art' by Susan Herbert

Mona with her hair in a bun - art by ?

The stylist is a hair artist, and must adapt their knowledge to each situation appropriately, since that is his trademark.