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Elephant trying to be a giraffe. Lots of lions, monkeys, and other jungle animals in her pictures too! ilona on deviantART

THE THURSDAY REBLOG    humorarmor:    My father tells me with every hardship, “Don’t get hard, Rach.” Keep feeling through all pain, even though it’s difficult.

Rise in Love, as a child you knew how. The only thing you have to do now is to re-member who you are.

WAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH! I DO SEE IT!!!! NEED. Now. lovelovelovelovelovelove!    $10.80 Keep Calm and Love Giraffes  Pastel Yellow \  by simplygiftsonline   I hope Erin sees this! ;)

keep calme and love giraffes! I hate these keep calm and things but I had to pin this one cuz it's giraffes!

Perhaps that's why so many republicans oppose sex education? (Trying to keep it a secret???)

The wittingly named “The Elephant in the Womb” shirt tell the Republicans to pull their noses out of other peoples vajayjays – where they have absolutely no business being in the first place.

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modern giraffe silhouettes giclée print on fine art paper. mustard,yellow and gray.

Columpios y jerseys de cuello alto -que, a pesar del nombre, les están cortos-, los archienemigos de las jirafas.

Columpios y jerseys de cuello alto -que, a pesar... - logoside