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I was wondering the same thing when I first saw this episode

She was making chocolate milk or hot chocolate. The french put it in a bowl so they can dip their croissants.


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Chat Noir: "I like dropping hints that I'm Adrien Agreste." Chat Noir: *Two minutes later* "This is Adrien Agreste's room. Which is also, coincidentally my room. Because I am Adrien Agreste.

Her face makes it 1000 times better I will definitely use this some day mwahahahaha


Ok Mari looks like a freakin boy stooooop

Haha aww pauvre chat noir!

How Ladybug and Chat Noir see each other~ (Miraculous Ladybug, Chat Noir, comic, funny)---until Marinette realise Chat is Adrien

Miraculous Ladybug & Chat Noir -  Miraculous Hawk Moth | The Emperor's New Groove AU by PeruGirl199.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Emperor's New Groove/Miraculous Ladybug crossover by I LOVE THIS hawkmoth ladynoir

THIS MUST HAPPEN!but really thou they such have become friends by now.

Donald Trump would deport this joke