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Gemini Zodiac Poster #Gemini

Gemini • Zodiac Print

This eye-catching print spills over with unique traits that make those born under the Gemini zodiac sign special. Designed with a snug-fit full page of typography, this print highlights the positive t

My twin is out there, I dont know where, but when I find him, it'll hit me like lightning, and i'll know

astro psych-facts: Gemini: A Gemini will want to make friends with you first. Most of the relationship will base around conversation, big ideas and soul satisfying deep and meaningful. Although Gemini is desperate to find their long lost twin;

moody and discouraged. Just unmotivated to complete the task. I also get really upset if it doesn't go my way. But that's just another thing I have to work on.

Yup they think I'm arrogant 😒 jus 'cause I tell em that they look like fools when they think they're cool 😒😒


A Gemini is legendary for being extremely clever and having a natural ability to talk about anything and everything. They are also quick with one-liners and will remember the most obscure trivia. -- I LOVE TRIVIA.

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I& make things clear right from the beginning So there is no misunderstanding Most will call it having your cake and eating it too But we both know we are just keeping it real with youz