Peace, not war.

War is not healthy for children and other living things. An anti-war poster from the Vietnam era

woodstock. Saw the Movie in KC with my best friend Mimi and her Mom. We were at a Rainbow Girl Convention. I couldn't believe her Mom set through this...Pretty sure fist time I heard the F word....

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give peace a chance

All We are Saying is Give Peace a Chance - Isn't it sad, these men standing so strongly for peace, die at the hands of a psycho with a gun.

let there be love

An entry from The Sweet Simple Life

Maybe we should start by legalizing marriage of the same sex! Let there be love

1969 War Protest  Our era and we listened to a daily body count of killed and injured on the nightly news during Vietnam Nam.  K.W.  We became I desensitized to death!!!

These protesters are protesting their law makers, but this scene there are multiple peace signs that speak for group idea of being tree loving people who disprove of Richard tearing down the land