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GOTHIC FALCHION - Onehand sword with Z guard. Overall size of the sword: ca 90 cm. Blade length: ca 70 cm. The sword was constructed for gothic sword fight (swordplay).

Glamdring was originally borne by Turgon, the King of Gondolin.[1] He must have wielded it with strength during the Nirnaeth Arnoediad or the Fall of Gondolin, for the Orcs named it "Beater", and fled before it. Even up until the late Third Age, orcs of the Misty Mountains knew of this legendary sword.


Glamdring (also called Foe-Hammer) was a two-handed sword, forged for Turgon, the King of Gondolin during the First Age. ALSO GANDALF'S SWORD!

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Type XVIIIa Longsword with hollowground blade,and blued fittings Overall Length Weight Lb Blade Length P.

...Prince Philipp Sword...

Guthwine ("Battle-friend")- Eomer's sword Lord of the Rings

All About Weapons Guns Shotguns: Biegler Bladeworks Espada. I have several firearms, but.

Egyptian Kopesh sword (Bek's weapon of choice). Give it a black handle and that's what his sword looks like.

Egiptian (yes I spelled it with an "I" intentionally) Khopesh. Always have had an affinity for this design. This one in particular has a few extra tactical design advantages not found on most typical Khopesh historically.

An Ottoman Yataghan dated to 1767 AD with a finely watered steel curved blade with a flat back edge and inscriptions and star motifs along both sides of the blade.

There is so much drama and detail on this long fighting knife, I can't stop looking at it.

Too short to be called a proper sword, this lethal knife became a popular melee weapon


My take on a Viking Great Sword. Blade is with twist damascus and silver fittings and

This holy relic is inscribed with the runes spelling out the identity of a long dead god of justice

Paige: I like the idea of Fitz having a staff or longsword to defend himself with. I also want the weapon we choose to reflect their planet's history.

This one looks like a viking sword

# 770 Merlin the Wizard Sword by Marto of Toledo Spain -- This is a beautiful blade that I got on clearance at a K's Merchandise. I have used it to give a frame of reference to the Sword that Belengol crafts at the forge in Act IV.