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American History X

Director: Tony Kaye Starring: Edward Norton, Edward Furlong American History X, my favorite movie. It had to be the first one on my mov.

American History X (1998) Edward Furlong.... Amazing young guy who teamed perfectly with "Derek" Edward Norton... Where did he go? He was on such a huge path.....

American History X (1998)

American History X Edward Furlong. Amazing young guy who teamed perfectly with "Derek" Edward Norton. He was on such a huge path.

Edward Norton - American history X

Edward Furlong "American History X" i will always have a crush on young edward.

american history X

American history X.too me one of the most raw reviling honest films.it is a movie that every teen especially should see,outstanding performances!

american history x | American history X 1998

I like this pic minus the swastika bc this is the same kind of build my D has. Plus, with the supershort hair and goatee, he kind of looks like my love.

American History X...everyone should see this film....very powerful.

Guy Torry and Edward Norton as Lamont and Derek Vinyard in American History X

爱德华·福隆 Edward Furlong 图片

Edward Furlong and my all time favorite actor Edward Norton. American History X and Primal Fear, enough said!