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A mão robótica Hackberry permite ao usuário fazer movimentos extraordinariamente expressivos. Seu código aberto é uma forma de apoiar a inovação na área

Amarrando o tênis com uma mão robótica 3D

The HACKberry is a printable myoelectric prosthetic arm created by exiii Inc a Japanese robotics company based in Tokyo that specializes in bionic arms.


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Prosthetic Leg Design by Thomas Belhacene

SOLEIS is the only prosthetic leg for adaptive bobsleigh athletes that allows weight bearing and energy return capabilities, while strengthening psychological performance.What if a prosthetic was not just a medical device, but an emotional partner that s…

Things are coming along nicely..

Mechanical and sporty elements unite


Possible Design Idea - Archery Exoskeleton "Cylinder Placements"

The Otto Bock C-Leg® represents the first and only microprocessor

In keeping with Hanger Clinic's position at the forefront of cutting-edge prosthetic technology, we are pleased to offer the complete limb loss system -The Hanger ComfortFlex™ Socket combined with the Otto Bock C-Leg® microprocessor knee.

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Toy Robot dogs : In the robot pet store, you will find toy robot dogs, robomuts if you will, of all sizes, shapes and prices.

3ders.org - Lightweight KAFO Splint, 3D printed leg brace cost-effectively customized for perfect fit | 3D Printer News & 3D Printing News

Lightweight KAFO Splint, printed leg brace cost-effectively customized for perfect fit

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Thought-controlled arm and hand makes 'The Bionic Man' a reality | DVICE

saiko-pl: “ This newly advanced prosthetic limb is the result of a collaboration between the University of Pittsburgh and Johns Hopkins University. The arm has the ability to accurately detect.