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The close-up of an ammonite (fossil, two inches in height) lit from the back. The lighting was provided by two torches, one from the back with constant light, and the other one flashing from the right.

Ammonite- a fossilized animal

Fractal spirals in nature - Spectacular Ammonite

Spiral of life by Blinde 8:  "Another shot of an ammonite, this time as close as I could get. The results I got looked completely different, depending on the angle of the light. When light comes from above, the piece looks mostly brown and shiny (it is polished). When light comes from the side and you turn the piece, it sometimes gets transparent or it does look like stone."

Spiral of life by Blinde "Another shot of an ammonite, this time as close as…

Natural patterns and colors, fossil of a snail shell.


Ammonite Fossil / Fibonacci sequence seen in spiral

Collection from the Sea on Behance

NAUTILUS 5 x 7 print of detailed watercolour artwork in turquoise olive green aqua blue and rustic earth tones

Dark brown ammonite  Sara Habgood(British)

Sara Habgood has been developing the style known as pintura matérica, in which non artistic materials are incorporated into the paintings, media such silver leaf, encaustic and plaster relief.

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