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☐◼︎☐ sugamobank by Emmanuelle Moureaux

Cubical Facade of Sugamo Shinkin Bank

Trees sprout out of the rainbow-coloured cubes that make up the facade of this bank in northern Tokyo – the fourth building that architect Emmanuelle Moureaux has designed for Sugamo Shinkin (+ slideshow). Emmanuelle Moureaux, a French designer b.

Banco Sugamo Shinkin, Japão

No Japão, banco Sugamo Shinkin deixa qualquer assunto financeiro menos maçante

Who said a bank must be a dour structure, all layers of muddy tones and mutual fund advertisements? Judging from the bright, welcoming ambience of Sugamo Shinkin Bank& Nakaaoki Branch, architect Emmanuelle Moureaux certainly .

Emmanuelle Moureaux sugamo shinkin bank Nakaaoki Branch

Emmanuelle Moureaux is Changing the Face of Banking in Japan

Image 8 of 9 from gallery of Sugamo Shinkin Bank - Nakaaoki branch / emmanuelle moureaux architecture + design. Photograph by Daisuke Shima / Nacasa & Partners

Strukturierte Platten aus Glasfaserbeton - 2.500 m² Betonplatten als hinterlüftete, vorgehängte Fassade an der City Gate im tschechischen Ostrava

Strukturierte Platten aus Glasfaserbeton - m² Betonplatten als…

Innovation Center UC & Anacleto Angelini / Alejandro Aravena | ELEMENTAL

Innovation Center UC - Anacleto Angelini / Alejandro Aravena

Image 10 of 16 from gallery of Nouvel, Gehry and Elemental Among 15 Shortlisted for “Design of the Year Innovation Center UC – Anacleto Angelini / Alejandro Aravena

Milanofiori Housing Complex,© Marco introini

Gallery of Milanofiori Housing Complex / OBR - 5

Here's another recently realized project by Italian OBR Open Building Research: the Milanofiori housing complex in Assago, Milan, Italy.

Pastel Block

Se você ama arquitetura, aqui vão fotos incríveis de fachadas coloridas, dignas de eyegasms