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Art imitates life: New York body painter Trina Merry's models blend into the Manhattan sky...

Merry is a body-paint artist who seamlessly camouflages her semi-nude models into New York City’s skyline, blending them into Central Park, Coney Island and other famous landmarks.


In this picture, it is evident that shadows are not always what they seem. Shadows seem to distort the truth. In the novel, shadows are a prime example of how distorted truth and obscurity are symboli (Fotos Cool Ideas)

* In a Station of the Metro *  The apparition of these faces in the crowd;	  Rabbit on a tall, steel pole.

I found the White Rabbit! Either I'm goin' to Wonderland, or I just tackled some guy in a bunny mask for no real reason.

Blacklight Bodypainting ~ Gallery V » Bodypainting Photography, Body Painting, Photography, Body Art, Greensboro, NC, LivingBrush

Bodypainting Photography: Bonnie Stanley :: Bodypainting: Scott Fray & Madelyn Greco of LivingBrush :: Model: Ashanti Jennings & Kane Krueger

RebelsMarket Steampunk & Victorian. Bizarre but I'm loving the feathers and chains. Might make for an interesting hair ornament?? Might think on that one!

Burning Man Fashion Women Boho Sexy Gypsy Headpiece Lace Black Elven Pixie Tribal Goa Costumes Outfit The Burn Jewelry Clothing

This is '2D or not 2D', a series of faces painted by Valeriya Kutsan to look 2-D and photographed by Alexander Khokhlov.

Using models' faces as canvas, Russian make-up artist Valeriya Kutsan recreates famous paintings in collaboration with photographer Alexander Khokhlov and expert photo editor Veronica Ershova. More Face Paintings via Design Taxi

Desiree Palmen. the dutch artist desiree palmen lives and works in rotterdam, NL. many of her pieces   are based around the idea of camouflage / the act of being unseen / undetected. to create the site specific suits palmen photographs a precise location. she then paints   the image of the place onto a suit by hand. a person then wears the finished suit   and poses in the original location - trying to blend into the space as much as possible.

Invisible Outfits II - Rotterdam-based Dutch artist Desiree Palmen has been featured in Trendhunter before.


22 Incredible Artists Channeling Wild Animals With Their Bodies

Fine art body painter Johannes Stötter transforms living models into animals, fruit and landscapes in amazing paintings inspired by nature. Check out his amazing body painting works.