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OK, it's one thing to say this about the gspot but the clitoris? That's some Backwoods shit right there

I took sex ed in Texas and the teacher told us that one in six condoms break. Wonder where that high teen pregnancy rate came from.

I almost crawled into the ceiling in first grade just cuz I was bored and wanted to leave

There's always something very interesting going on in public schools cuz idk about private schools since I've never gone to one

I love people like this who are determined to put a smile on other faces

"I love people like this who are determined to put a smile on other faces"<<<Such people fill me with determination

Burnt Arm

Burnt Arm

Dad: *calls cops* Yeah I think my wife is trying to cook my child in the oven at 345 degrees.

Make yourself a cup of tea; these are well worth the read.


This is actually a really fantastic social experiment. If you have a generic haircut and color and fashionable or nice clothes and you pretend you're famous, people will believe it.

i did this too, except with these crackers my mom used to make with cheewhiz in the middle, i could have made more if one of my friends mom told my mom in a funny way and my mom got pissed at m for it

LOL. Look at this

I got sent to the principal's office because I got caught selling "jumbo" pokémon cards when I was in third grade XD I literally just drew the Pokémon on a big paper and make it look like a card.

Your crush

I was literally thinking: OMG another one of these annoying crush things aga-WHAT THE HECK! XD i died laughing when i read the ending sentence

This is me.

I've seen this so many times but I laugh every time >> someone send help im dying XD<<IM CRYING

bev when their teacher made fun of trick.

(But what kind of awful teacher insults a student like that? I hate ones like that, they make life miserable.