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Yew-dee is a lovely square tile which can be used to fill up a background or as a continuous ribbon.

Click to view video and full tutorial. Doodle prompt by Heidi Denney. Sharpie art Tangle

NEW! Doodle Prompt – Viscera Phantasma

I have added some new and interesting patterns to my Tangle. This is turning out to be a pretty fun little project. I am thinking about doing a whole book of these just for the fun of it.   Background Music Loop used with permission from

I thought I would sit down and draw a tangle and show you how I do it. This is an easy one because I am using a Sharpie to draw it. Imagine if you were using.

Learn expert techniques to cross-hatching and modeling gradations with our free shading tutorial.

Zentangle® Step By Step: Tutorials & Patterns for Beginners

Learn how to shade Narwal, ebook and video bundle •

Eni Oken is an award winning artist with 30 years of experience, writing about Zentangle®, Shading, Fantasy design and Jewelry making.

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You'll regret not pinning this if you like to draw or do #zentangle !! Very good tutorial and this is just part 1. Color pencil tutorial. ze...

Must pin this if you like to draw or --Very good tutorial and this is just part Color pencil tutorial, zentangle inspired art & color blending.