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Aries Sun, 8th house - check.  Virgo rising, Pluto conjunct Ascendant - check. Leo Mars, 11th house - check.

I love my Sun sign! Scorpio ♥ *Note: The creator of these photos (ZodiacSociety) has stated that these aren't listed in any specific order.

Most to least likely to survive in a Zombie Apocalypse. Scorpio is number 2!!

Wtf air signs should be on top along with Capricorn Scorpio and Sagittarius.

Top 5 most likely to murder somebody

Zodiac: 5 most likely to murder someone-- My husband and daughter are virgos, i am a sagittarius, and my other daughter is an aries. We're a family not to be messed with apparently lol!

Zodiac Signs: Top 5 Most Likely To Be Analytical

Zodiac Signs: Top 5 Most Likely To Over Think: Virgo, Aquarius, Gemini, Cancer Zodiac Sign, Capricorn


Zodiac Society - Top 5 Most Likely to Build an Emotional Wall: Cancer, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn, Aquarius

S Aries Taurus Libra Sagittarius leo

Zodiac Signs: Top 5 Most Likely To Elope - I'm a Taurus alright!

Yep that's true!

Zodiac Signs: Top 5 Most Likely To Be Very Rebellious hmm. Daddy is Aries. I am a Cancer. The moppet is Aquaruis and the dog is a Saggitarius!

Aries : Gutsy & Headstrong  Psychic Reading Lounge  Psychic Aileena  248-990-4848 Keego Harbor, Michigan Http://www.psychicreadinglounge.com

Aries Family Life - ◆Aries mothers are Fearless. ◆Aries daughters are Headstrong. ◆Aries sisters are Gutsy. ◆Aries fathers are Brazen. ◆Aries sons are Bold. ◆Aries brothers are Tough. ◆Aries husbands are Strong.

So fresh and so clean.

Virgo Me and My Need to Wash My hands constantly and the need to make sure everyone else does too especially before they touch food Zodiac Signs: Top 5 Most Likely To Have Good Hygiene