Cactus.   ("Rebutia pygmaea torquata.")     From Chrome research:  "Accepted Scientific Name: Rebutia pygmaea ( R.E.Fr.) Britton & Rose Cactaceae ... Aylostera torquata (F.Ritter & Buining) Mosti & Papini."

") From Chrome research: "Accepted Scientific Name: Rebutia pygmaea ( R.

Purple Cane Cholla Cactus

A very distinct and rare purple- colored Cane Cholla Cactus. This cactus can take on a deep red or…

Mammillaria gracilis vetula oruga blanca

Mammillaria gracilis vetula oruga blanca


¡La suculenta más ornamental del mundo!

These Aeonium 'Sunburst' look so healthy! Use with the yellow roses - grey foliage

Opuntia macrocentra (Santa Rita)

Purple prickly pear - on LA County's list of approved drought tolerant plants. Great choice for adding color to desert landscaping.