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Carnaval en el jardín

Titanopsis hugo-schlechteri - Jewel Plant, Living Rock is a mat forming, stemless or very short-stemmed, multi-headed rosette succulent.

#Lithops beautiful 'stone' flowers

Carnaval en el jardín

Eulychnia castanea spiralis

Eulychnia castanea spiralis-looks just like twisted candy suckers.sans the spikes of course.

Titanopsis schwantesii - See more at: http://worldofsucculents.com/titanopsis-schwantesii

Titanopsis schwantesii grows in small rock-like rosettes. It is a mat forming succulent with rosettes up to 2 inches cm) in diameter.

Titanopsis hugo-schlechteri

Titanopsis hugo-schlechteri On-line Guide to the positive identification of Succulent Plant Families