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ROMEO AND JULIET // William Shakespeare // by LuminousParticular

ROMEO AND JULIET // William Shakespeare // quote poster // Select a Size// black and white// last lines from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

A topic that came up in the story was fate and that wether their lives were determined by fate or not.

Xx- Oh, cruel fate, must you also taunt me with hopes and dreams only to pull them away, just out of my grasping fingers?

Romeo+Juliet, 1996 - Baz Luhrmann

Romeo and Juliet Romeo Montague played by Leonardo Dicaprio Juliet Capulet played by Claire Danes⭐️


I have so much beauty in the dark as I have found a lot of horrors in the light.

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I keep him safe, I keep him sane. I make him feel loved and remind him life is worth living.

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Vyvyan's trick goes so amusingly wrong when he chops his real finger off rather than the fake one!

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Two households, both alike in dignity, In fair Verona where we lay our scene :)