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Axolotl is very cool Aquaitc creature that i think would be a great to take parts of this creature to make the character resemble a axolotl but not completely.

L’animal original : l’axolotl

L’animal original : l’axolotl

Can't wait to get my two Axolotls. Im so excited

So B gonna get me a couple of these Axolotls 😍 better known as the "Sea Dragon" all they do is eat & smile, like me 🤗

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Aquarium Tree: I love this. It's not really a tree but a piece of wood with underwater plants cultivated onto it but it looks so real and adorable. I love seeing the little fish swim by it.

This is NOT what they grow up to be! They are hatched and grow larger they DO NOT CHANGE THEIR APPERANCE! THIS IS AN INJUSTICE TO AXOLOTLS! they are neotenic so THEY STAY IN LARVAL FORM! The first two are albino, the second one is wild. They are both cute!

they are neotenic so they stay in theyre larval form! the first two are albino, the second one is wild.