Aw soo sweet

You embraced me quietly from the back. I froze exactly as I was, not knowing what to do.

Make me look cute!

머리 묶어 줄게요(I will tie up your hair) by 퍼엉 on


Ilustrações mostram que o amor está nas pequenas coisas

Moments de felicitat en parella: il·lustracions de Puuung / Momentos de felicidad en pareja: ilustraciones de Puuung / Moments of happiness with a partner: Illustrations by Puuung

Puuung – Love is: So sieht Liebe aus - Art - bento

Hon, you must be all tired running all the way here in this rain. Warm yourself up with this hot drink.


"I can't take my eyes out of you~" his fascinated face tells me the truth ^_^

truelove ♥ by Puuung

Love is in Small Things: Artist “Puuung” captures those little moments that make love whole in these heartwarming illustrations.

Estas obras de arte encantadoras são criadas pela ilustradora profissional Sparrow. Sparrow é um nome de usuário que a artista usa no Tumblr, e seus GIFs e ilustrações são uma verdadeira poesia aos olhos. Confira! Publicidade Eu vi no Design You Trust. Publicidade

Ilustrações e GIFs animados encantadores por Sparrows INSPIRAÇÃO

아~ 몸이 무거워요. 더 누워있을래. 어서 일어나요~ Ah, my body feels so heavy. I want to keep laying down.  It's time to wake up~

자, 일어나봐요 (Wake up) by 퍼엉 on

Estas 50 ilustraciones demuestran que el verdadero amor se prueba en los pequeños detalles


Our friends are here. Our quiet space for two has become lively with friendly chatter

Bộ tranh: Tình yêu hạnh phúc là tất cả những mảnh ghép bé xíu như thế này thôi - ảnh 8

"- I bought you something to drink~ - Hi! What flavor is it? - It's chocolate of course, your favorite.