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Ink Sumi Squid (インクスミイカ) from "Kikaider 01" 1973

The wonderful world of Tokusatsu villains, part Harry Voodini, Nuclear Fish-ion, The Lizard of Oz, Math Teacher.

Weirdest Super Sentai Monsters Youkai Kasabake Series of Origin: Shuriken Sentai Ninninger What it is: a Youkai known as a Kasa-obake Crossed with a fountain pen Tasked with Locating the Igasaki Ninjutsu Dojo why I find this weird:.

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joelcarroll: “ bettyfelon: “ Does anybody know the source of this image? ” Why, that’s Space Sheriff Gavan and Mimi! They just recently relaunched Gavan and the other Tokusatsu Space Sheriff with a.