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I want to go back in time. I remember how exciting it was to see stuff like this!

imremembering: “ Toy store shelf from the BRB 7 yr old me is passing out. ” These, these are my ponies.

Colgate sparkling star toothpaste

Sparkling Star Shape Colgate Junior in the bubble gum flavor.

Bath Pearls

Do you remember bath beads? They were so pretty but they made the tub SO slippery.recently I looked everywhere for these but now they have bath bombs

Mini Piano

The Electron Echo mini piano was so cool. Who remembers the Electron Echo little mini pocket keyboard pianos ? I honestly have.

Loved the soaps

Very Victoria Plum bath set. Quite often with those kinds of soaps, the picture would end up coming off in one piece and you'd be able to stick it to the bathroom tiles.

Poochie. It came to me in my sleep last night.  An 80s toys I probably haven't even thought about since... well, the 80s.

I REALLY named my toy poodle after this cartoon when I was little :-)

These had pins at the back so you could attach to your clothing or a cushion :)

These cute favors feature tiny multicolored bears with red bow ties and flocked fur. These cute bear flocked favors are a fun addition for your upcoming Baby Shower.

Fluppy Dogs

Fluppy Dogs

Fluppy Dogs 10 Totally Forgotten Girl Toy Lines this link has great toys listed and commercials for each toy!

Did you drink Clearly Canadian in the 80's?   I did!      ~D~

I'm not a fan of flavored water, but I LOVED Clearly Canadian in high school.