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Barbie Bathtub

Barbie Bathtub my mom had this and passed it down for my barbies

Some of the best Barbies ever!

I remember my sister had the Peaches & Cream Barbie on the left and the one in the white/red Heart dress!

Barbie and the Rockers Tour Bus -- THE BEST memory of my childhood!!  I LOVED LOVED LOVED this thing!!

This was a coveted item that I never got as a child: The Barbie & The Rockers Tour Bus. I still feel the longing for it that I did as a child.

I LOVED this as a kid!!! Made my aunt buy me one every time I saw her!  So happy to see this again!!!! Now only if I could buy one

The Electron Echo mini piano was so cool. Who remembers the Electron Echo little mini pocket keyboard pianos ? I honestly have.

Remember how our costumes all had plastic masks :)

I had this costume. Old school Halloween Costume. Remember when your costume would come with these plastic masks?

1981 Pink & Pretty Barbie

My first Barbie ! Pink and Pretty Barbie. Just look at those hot pink disco pants!

Barbie Dream House- my fave toy ever!! Had same couch and called it "the bubblegum couch" cuz the colors reminded me of fruit stripes gum!!

I had this Barbie Dream House. best Barbie house out there! None of my friends had one as cool as mine. Truly a work of Barbie art.

Barbie Star Traveler Motorhome RV Camper

Barbie Star Traveler Motorhome RV Camper - Ah, I had something like this as a kid and loved it. No idea what happened to it and nothing today is as good.

true...and that was life back in the day.  We all survived and were better for it.

so true.and we didnt wear those awful helmets when we rode our bikes. And the Doctor would smoke in his office while he gave you a check up.