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Where's the boy SoulSnatcher, hand him over and prey you didn't hurt him or your passing will be like burning in heavens holy fire for a thousand years

Nothing found for 2013 10 03 Digital Illustrations Alessandro Baldasseroni Http: Www Inspirefirst Com 2013 10 08 Musicians Tobias Hall

Edge of the Verse (Грань Вселенной in russian) is a space opera tabletop roleplaying game. Created under Creative Common licence and utilises Apocalypse World mechanics, the game allows players to become explorers, free traders, star nobles, mercenaries and mystery seekers in a world where great space nations struggle each other for the power, money and alien artifacts.

ArtStation - Character Igor Esaulov - This concept would make a good starting point for designing civilian characters from the various worlds in SW.

Dungeoneering - Witch by SaintJG

Here is a project of mine: drawing a modular dungeon for my games, with 1 inch squares. These are a couple of examples (there is no black outline in the final work). Corridor Sewers Right now

I see a certain resemblance to James Purefoy! - orig comments: 卡牌好参考!

Richard I in Gisborne: Book of Kings - Made for movie Ironclad actor James Purefoy. The Broadsword used in the show is a version of the Scottish Claymore, only it is long and wider at the hilt.