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Artist Yee Sookyung takes shattered ceramics and puts them back together with gold to create amazing art.

Yee Sookyung ~ The artist takes shattered ceramics and puts them back together with gold to create amazing art.

Something to consider if not too pricey!!!   broken things - Livia Marin

I like the dimensions on these photos and the color change between the bowl and liquid looking stuff flowing from the bowl.extremely clever and quirky ceramic art work

Prometheus: Kintsugi as art form.Translated vase by Yeesookyung.

Yee Sookyun, Translated Vase Thousand, Ceramic shards, epoxy, gold leaf. Courtesy of the artist.


Translated Vase ceramic shards, epoxy, gold leaf, 71 x 35 x 31 inches. Korean artist Yeesookyung masterfully produces imperfect sculptures, bulbous yet elegant works composed from mismatched porcelain.

Yee Sookyung | A R T N A U

Yee Sookyung

"This work can be a metaphor of a struggle in life that makes people become more mature and beautiful as they overcome suffering."

Korean Artist Sews Together Broken Ceramic Shards With 24K Gold

thedesigndome: “ New Rejected Broken Porcelain Restored More Beautifully With Gold Lining Korean artist Yeesookyung fuses mismatched and imperfect porcelain pieces into graceful sculptures.

According to Korean tradition, artisans have a habit of destroying and discarding imperfect pieces. Since 2001 Korean artist Yeesookyung has taken these porcelain fragments, creating beautiful, imperfect sculptures by fusing them with gold leaf in the Japanese tradition of kintsugi. See more images … Continue reading →

Gold-Fused Sculptures Made From Remnants of Shattered Porcelain

Shape: positive and negative: positive shape is the totality of the mass lying between its contours; in three-dimensional work, the visible shape or outer limit of a form changes as the viewer's position is changed. These outer limits are seen as shapes moving back and forth between major contours. Negative space is empty space defined by positive shape. Sometimes referred to as occupied and unoccupied space.

Sue Tilley - Artist & Sculptor - Portfolio

My broken body - glass art Inspiration- stained glass piece using scrap glass in a similar shape. From Australian artist and sculptor Sue Tilley. She works predominantly in found metal and glass, and working with the community, for the community.

shape-shifting paper sculptures by Dutch artist Peter Gentenaar hang inside the Abbey Church of Saint-Riquier in France

paper sculptures by Dutch artist Peter Gentenaar in the Abbey Church Saint-Riquier France

Yee Sookyung "Translated Vase" series (broken ceramics and gold leaf!)

Shattered ceramics patched back together with gold by Seoul based artist Yee Sookyung, is titled ”Translated Vase”.