Tard the Grumpy Cat by ethe.deviantart.com

Doodle Study: Tard the Grumpy Cat — Thousand Skies

Restregarte el trasero en la cara: | 15 escandalosas verdades detrás de lo que en realidad quieren decir los comportamientos de los gatos

Sticking a raised butt in your face: Tail sniffing is normal in the cat world, so this is your cats way of saying hello.

(2) Dumpa loompa Dumpy Too - Album on Imgur

Static Shock by Zombiesmile on DeviantArt

Lovely Graphic!! Doodle Study by Elda The, via Behance

A little Pomeranian doodle study.


Doodle Study: French Bulldog by ethe

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Flower Corgi by sandara on DeviantArt


Doodle Study: Miniature Schnauzer

Doodle Study: Miniature Schnauzer by ethe

Welsh Corgi

Artist profile: Elda The – Doodle Studies

Posts from July 2014 on Sketch by Sketch


Doodle Study: Siberian Husky

Doodle Study: Siberian Husky — Thousand Skies

By Elda The

Take a look at these Doodle Studies by Ethe .


It's the Nico Baby! (My cat!

Grumpy Cat en 3D

erinhunting: “ I was recently approached by Morgane Delcourt as she had created a Grumpy Cat illustration from my drawing of Tardar which I created last year.

A Boy and His DOG Journeys their Last Moments in Space!

A Boy and His DOG Journeys Their Last Moments in Space

A Boy and His DOG Journeys their Last Moments in Space!

Ivan Oviedo

Siamese by Ivan Oviedo, Graphic Artist

Daily Cat Drawings : Photo

I love this cat breed series - I'd like to get a Ragdoll cat like this when I move home :) looks as if they have sass!

Now look by AnnMY on deviantART

Warriors Meme from deviantart