Darksiders 2 Asssets, Brian Poche on ArtStation at https://www.artstation.com/artwork/darksiders-2-hammer-fc9f1f47-63f7-4ae8-8413-c153c94c11ff

Assets i worked on during my time at Vigil Games for Darksiders II.


Billy: This weapon looks powerful and has an engraving that gives an overall feel for the sword.

Darksiders II - Hammers

Example of weapon concept art. *Darksiders II Concept Art by Jonathan Kirtz*

001kFJBxgy6IrqA6tEud2&690 (483×1000)

This weapon looks very sharp as both sides have a blade and the sword looks very ancient and the white and black looks very good on the blade

001kFJBxgy6NTC8KEbR0f - OneDrive

Flame Render, axe of the ancient Fire Seers, was said to have burned relentlessly for a hundred years. Rumors stir of the old axe being uncovered.

Artwork 1 for RPG Pathfinder: Horror Adventures by shiprock on DeviantArt

I did this artwork for RPG book Pathfinder: Horror Adventures © 2016 Paizo Inc. Artwork 1 for RPG Pathfinder: Horror Adventures