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I don't know what the heck I am doing in enough to really make this concept shine. But I've been dying to use this sky as a background in a composite image for awhile so you get inflicted with the result :)



Vector landscape with  soaring eagle Royalty Free Stock Photos

Vector landscape with soaring eagle Royalty Free Stock Photos

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επιστολή: Ο κωλύων

επιστολή: Ο κωλύων

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Yes the Lord Jesus Christ himself the son of God, he is the same yesterday, today and forever. What matters how tough our moments get they are just moments in an endless stream of merciful moments.

بوسه يعني وصل شيرين دو لب  بوسه يعني خلسه در اعماق شب   بوسه يعني مستي از مشروب عشق  بوسه يعني آتش و گرماي شب  بوسه آغازي براي ما شدن لحظه اي با دلبري تنها شدن   بوسه يعني لذت از دلدادگي لذت از شب ... لذت از ...

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