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Book Nerd Problems #384 sometimes i wish that all books came with blank pages so you could write the end

Problems of a Book Nerd When a series ends and it leaves you with a big gaping hole that can't be filled with anything but rereading the books. And then the hole just gets worse

Submitted by natalieclairedub *flashbacks of Mockingjay*

I've done this a few times. But if you're waiting that eagerly for a sequel then the previous books must have been awesome. Who wants to take breaks when you can be reading.

Problems of a Book Nerd. It is where I end up at the first available moment.

When you see a bookshelf in a random house and suddenly you feel yourself being involuntarily drawn over to it by some unseen magnetic force.

Cough cough The Mark of Athena cough cough.

19 Problems Only Book Nerds Understand- this is me right now waiting for blood of Olympus!<<< Its even worse when you finish a whole series and have no idea what to do with your life now

Every. Damn. Time. - Problems of a Book Nerd

Problems of a Book Nerd I asked my grandma for books or a Barnes & Noble gift card for Christmas and she refused. I was mad.