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what a cute anime little birdie from black rock shooter. rainbow to boot.

Black Rock Shooter's The Bird That Flied In Many Colors: The tiny bird flies in the blue sky The sea reflects the blue of the sky The blue reflection is the sea of the sky The sea of the sky cries blue tears Among those blue tears The tiny bird flies

The little bird who wanted all the colors, from BRS

One of my favorites:  Don't tell me "Sky's the limit" when there are footprints on the moon.

That one book from Black Rock Shooter, with the rainbow bird

Kotori  Asobi

Kotori Asobi

Animated Bird Gifs at Best Animations

Free animated bird gifs - best bird animation collection - over 10000 gifs

Black rock shooter - bird

Black rock shooter - bird

My Neighbor Totoro Perch Art Miyazaki Anime Poster 11x17

My Neighbor Totoro Moonlight Perch Poster 11x17

My Neighbor Totoro Perch Art Miyazaki Anime Poster

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Every Monday 19 Anime Gifs That Accurately Describe Everyday School Life

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Black rock shooter 8 by ryoheihuke

Yomi Takanashi Mato Kuroi

Mato/Black Rock Shooter and Yomi/Dead Master

black rock shooter gif - Recherche Google

black rock shooter gif - Recherche Google

Anime Black Rock Shooter  Dead Master Fondo de Pantalla

Black Rock Shooter Full HD Wallpaper and Background

Black Rock Shooter Kagari | black★rock shooter # blonde hair # chariot # kagari izuriha

(a character from) Black Rock Shooter

Black Rock Shooter

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Black Rock Shooter, Dead Master, Strength, Black Gold Saw and Chariot

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24 Of The Best Cosplays Ever

Finally finished my Black Rock Shooter Beast cosplay!