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Superman •Thony Silas Dias de Aguiar

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The greatest looking version of Superman.

“ “ hellyeahsupermanandwonderwoman: “ Yes, like Diana, we love us some super beard . :) ” Mmmm the sexy super beard looks good on that one hehe ” More.

Superman for Tomorrow

Superman Nukes the Bottle City of Kandor. - Superdickery - Fire Zack Synder already.

Superman Sacrifice

We best know his heat vision through the two red beams that fire intense heat at a target from his eyes. Superman, obviously, also has the power to make these appear invisible as not to blow his cover when dressed as his alias Clarke Kent.

I love the motion effects in the arms/cape and bullets!

DC on

Superman, by Stephen Segovia Superman's surreal body meets a surreal bullet assault. Muscles can be stronger than bullets if large enough!

New 52 superman. Am I the only one who likes the revamped outfit? I dig the high collar

DC's New 52 Superman -- hey, what happened to the red undies? I'll be honest; (Art by Jim Lee) - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

Ultimate Superman

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Zack Snyder boasted that he saw incarnations of Superman's costume before selecting one for Man of Steel. Concept artist Warren Manser has shared some of his Man of Steel concept art, including Superman in the red briefs.