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La stampa 3D continua la sua avanzata

Makerbot's Digitizer desktop scanner, which can scan an object and replicate it in digital form for a printer, is now for sale. But it comes with a hefty price tag.

The Container Store > MiniDock™

iPhone Mini Dock / Blue Lounge-----If I had an apple product I would rather this then regular charging.

iblazr wants to bring more professional lighting to your iOS photos. Join us - http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/iblazr/iblazr-the-led-flash-for-smartphones-and-tablets?ref=live

iblazr LEG Smartphone Flash-Shooting photos with your phone at night can turn even a goddess into a pasty-faced nightmare. Get the iblazr external LED flash for your phone

3D Scanner MakerBot | POPSUGAR Tech

How to Make(rBot) All the 3D Printed Stuff You Want

idea case design - Google Search

Printed iPhone 6 Case with Ring Holder - One of our hand-picked Apple gadgets Maybe something for Printer Chat?

Travelon Anti-Theft Lock-Down Bag – $47

Travelon Anti-Theft Lock-Down Bag

The New TVGuardian LT Profanity Filter for both HDTV and older TVs | Home

The TVGuardian is the Foul Language Filter. Watch TV and movies profanity free. We offer the TV Guardian LT, 501 HD and the DISH App for the Hopper 3

LIT Tracker #Fashion #wearabletech

The reason nobody under 30 gives a squirt about activity trackers that count your steps is because unless you're a retiree or a stroller mom, walking around isn't really an

How Do 3D Scanners Work and Should You Buy One?

How Do 3D Scanners Work and Should You Buy One?

scanning technology is on the rise, but what is it exactly? And when should you look at buying a scanner for yourself?

Bare Conductive_product_cause/ no effect

Bare Conductive_product_cause/ no effect

sphero 2.0 - Google Search

sphero 2.0 - Google Search

Helping to ensure Corian's continued presence at materials' leading edge, Corian Powermat Wireless Charging by DuPont & Power Matters Alliance sees the PMA's technology for powering up smartphones, tablets and the like, embedded in Corian solid surface, used for premium countertops, residentially and commercially.

Through a partnership with the Power Matters Alliance (PMA), DuPont Building Innovations will soon begin embedding Powermat's wireless charging technology within its Corian solid surface material.