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Lol so true

I do tend to put people in categories in my head based on what they say the read.

Tea and Books CS Lewis quotation illustration print - green and blue. , ($20) via Etsy.

"You could never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me. Lewis But change tea to coffee.

mi cuerpo

just because I have a uterus, does not mean I want a baby in it. You are child free, not childless.

Spice race turned into nail polish organizer. FANTASTIC education-for-me-and-my-classroom

So you think you know a foul word or two? Check out the ultimate guide to Shakespeare's insults. Shakespeare, even with his insults, put downs and cussing, was most certainly a master of his trade! Read our selection of Shakespeare insults below.

That S, Attitude


Funny pictures about I am a gamer. Oh, and cool pics about I am a gamer. Also, I am a gamer.

Funniest Quotes About Parents: Pin These for a Laugh: I did pour milk (not an energy drink) in her sippy cup. So where is all of this stamina coming from? (via Parents.com)

Funniest Quotes About Parents: Pin These for a Laugh

It's a real shame Jack Reacher was so seriously reduced.    -   MM agrees!!! and also suggests that it would have made an absolutely fabulous TV series

Sadly chris columbus didnt read the percy jackson series. Comment, like, and repost if u want a new and improved percy jackson movie that includes every detail from the book

Out of the mouth of Chuck

Be a nerd! Read - Zachary Levi, Gosh I miss Chuck.and Zachary Levi's face

Read more books than blogs.

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