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Leggere di notte è come dominare il mondo.

The Dreams Machine by Antonio Caparo. Very cool illustration, awesome jumping off point for a writing assignment

Yaratan Rabbinin adıyla (Rabbin adına sana okunan şekliyle) oku (ve bildir insanlara). #Oku

Yaratan Rabbinin adıyla (Rabbin adına sana okunan şekliyle) oku (ve bildir insanlara). #Oku

Por onde começa a inovação: pelo conceito ou pela prática? A inspiração nos surge quando estamos abertos a ela. E só estamos abertos, afinados com as indiretas do universo quanto ao que podemos fazer nele, se estamos preparados para entender esses códigos. Nada melhor para abrir nossa mente do que ler, ler, ler...

Read-Alouds for the Holidays and Winter - These five titles will inspire creativity, research, and reflection in the classroom.

A magia da leitura

Começar a ler

A magia da leitura

A book blanket of dreams! Crafted for the night sky to shine and give the divine. Books - Boeken

Book blankets the dreams. Would you like a blanket of Books? A quilt made up of books?

5 Minute Short Stories for Children: An entertaining collection of short stories perfect for bedtime.



Happy Reading by Erin McGuire

Happy Reading by Erin Mcguire

Oh the sensation of a good book in my hands, wind in my hair, and the autumn leaves. Illustration by Erin McGuire

"Fire is the element of raw power. Fire Elementalist's hold the fury of a volcano,and the gentle light of a flame",Pyro commented.

Fantasy, Fairytales, Myth, and Magic by Briny

I just recently changed my username from britanicaexalopia to NoriahToppingale. I did this because I wanted my account names for all the different writers site.

The Happiness Project (by Gretchen Rubin) - With humor and insight, she chronicles the year she spent testing the studies and theories about how to be happier.

The Happiness Project Gretchen Rubin - A year long method-book about creating more happiness in your life. Nothing earth shattering but a wonderful insight into how we can make our little world a brighter place.

Libraryland - eastlib images

bibliolvm: “ Use your library, you’ll miss it when you leave. (By Rebecca Cobb) ”