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Give-Your-Gifts-Away | by Mary Brack ~ www.mewithmyheadintheclouds.blogspot.

Could do this by stamping a regular stencil then flipping the stencil and using the negative ink to get this reverse image

Resultado de imagem para Rich Black Tarot Deck

Resultado de imagem para Rich Black Tarot Deck

The Tree of the Sephiroth | 1. Kether Elyon (the Supreme Crown), 2. Hokhmah (Wisdom), 3. Binah (Intelligence), 4. Hesed (Love or Mercy), 5. Din (Power - Stern Judgement), 6. Rakhamim (Compassion), sometimes called Tifereth (Beauty), 7. Netsakh (Lasting Endurance), 8. Hod (Majesty), 9. Yesod (Foundation), and 10. Malkuth (Kingdom), also called Shekinah.

More on the Kabbalah Tree of Life. Looks similar to Mayan inter-dimensional star graph, tetrahedron and flower of life.

Resultado de imagen para elarboldelavida

8 Circuit Model, Qabala Tree of Life and Chakras mapped to each other