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A great series combing landscapes, trees and rivers with portrait photography. Dream Portraits is by Spanish artist and creative photographer Antonio Mora.

A brilliant artistic picture with a serious message.

This image sums up our oceans, beaches, and rivers today. The plastics represents that most of our bodies of water is polluted and filled with garbage. BE RESPONSIBLE, LOVE OUR PLANET!

Thomas barbey surreal photography - chicquero -  (25)

I find this image to be really creative because it shows skiers and snowboarders on what is supposed to be snow but is actually a white tablecloth Surreal Photo Manipulations by Thomas Barbéy

Clever Political Illustrations by Paul Kuczynski

Clever Political Illustrations by Paul Kuczynski

surreal conceptual art satire illustrations Clever Political Illustrations by Paul Kuczynski

Incredible Photoshop Skills

Incredible Photoshop Skills


This is an example of surrealism because the tree is acting as if it were the pencil that is drawing the leaf.

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These 40 Cartoons Perfectly Illustrate How Smartphones Have Taken Over Our Lives

cartoons show smartphone addiction. We check our smartphones on average 150 times every day. That’s approximately every six and a half minutes.