great vintage video games advert, do you remember trying this game?

Classic Video Game Advertising

Maquina de video juegos ...Please save this pin. Because for vintage collectibles - Click on the following link!..

Best collection of video games

1950s Food.  In America.

1953 CHUN KING vintage print advertisement "Serve Six" ~ Serve Six for less than…

FROGGER!!  One of the many games we used to play at Chuckee Cheese pizza parlor & game arcade.

FROGGER Stand-UP Arcade - Original Coin-op Video Game

Frogger arcade game- BFF & I loved to play this at one of our fave restaurants- The Pizza Factory

Pac-Man - Here's an interesting bit of Pac Man trivia, its original name was "Puck-Man" but was changed because company officials feared American kids would swap the "P" with an "F". Good call....

Pac-Man: we went to game rooms after school to play these huge games (there is still a great arcade in Hinsdale, IL, the Galloping Ghost!

Classic Arcade Games

My article on collecting classic arcade games appeared in AntiqueWeek last year some time.

McDonald's vintage advertising

1964 McDonalds Restaurants ad - 47 Cent Meal (so in the middle of the sixities it was time to remind their customers how American they were). ~~ I remember their 15 cent hamburger.