Bottled: Bearded Mudwyr by emla

Watercolor, gouache and felt pen More bottled creatures from the Alchemist's biological collection. Alchemy being the primitive form of chemistry, it se.

Bottled, Emma Lazauski on ArtStation at

“Spade-Tailed Pipewyrm” inches, watercolor and ink Original Artwork for Sale Prints for Sale The “Spade-Tailed Pipewyrm” isn’t the strangest thing about the .

Arte Engarrafada.

Watercolor and Gouache, Bottled Bugs! Probably one of the least fantastic Bottled Creatures. That said, these guys are still made-up fantasy bugs.

Bottled tiny spectacled sperm whale. I WANT ONE!!!!!

By Emma Lazauski.

Bottled Creatures -  by Emma Lazauski, via Behance All of them are really cool looking but this one is my favorite! I would love to get something like this

Bottled Creatures - by Emma Lazauski *nooooo, da poor fire fox and her babyyyy, don't lock them in le bottle of solitiuuude.

BrainSpew the 45th by Altalamatox on deviantART

Originally Posted: September 2009 ----- Not the longest Spew in the history of Spews, but then I haven& been drawing much outside commission work lately. On the upside, I finally have a solid t.