Chibi by LaDollBlanche

Chibi by LaDollBlanche.The first 6 are mine cause there soo adorable!

Commission #86 by on @DeviantArt

Anime picture with single tall image blush blue eyes highres black hair red eyes smile simple background fringe white hair very long hair ahoge horn (horns) heterochromia transparent background bicolored hair bat wings girl

83c64524a7262e373039e8ad9e17d1657597f45437297-yq1ibq_fw580.jpg (540×1543)

83c64524a7262e373039e8ad9e17d1657597f45437297-yq1ibq_fw580.jpg (540×1543)

[C:C] Guianna by on @deviantART

Chibi commission for of her OC Guianna A cute little Guianna to go with Troy ; I really love their mori designs, it was so much fun to dra. [C:C] Guianna

Chibi by Jorsu

though i died doing the hair hahahaa art by jorsucharacter © :deviraira-tomasu: done i.