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Trigun-Vash the Stampede- Unofficial

^ This one's for all of you Trigun lover's out there, especially those who like Vash.~ Done in splendid technical pens for your vi. Trigun - Vash the Stampede

14295483_contest--trigun-the-sixty-billion-double_td06adfe7.png (800×338)

14295483_contest--trigun-the-sixty-billion-double_td06adfe7.png (800×338)

31b6a11bfd61e84c84a73ad97d2e2e00.jpg (564×462)

31b6a11bfd61e84c84a73ad97d2e2e00.jpg (564×462)

...I'm just gonna sit here and be in denial for a minute...or an hour...or forever

Trigun- Wolfwood Icon: Smile by ~Miburo on deviantART

"For Love!" "& For Peace!"  - Vash the Stampede & Nicholas D Wolfwood

"For Love!" - Vash the Stampede & Nicholas D Wolfwood:

Vash by XxVash-The-Stampedex

Thanks to Danielle, I have my finished version of this watercolour I did years ago. I never did post the finished version, just the partly done one. Finish Vash with Donuts

CAST: Julie Walters, Ciarán Hinds, Nuala O'Neill, James Loughran, Barry Loughran, Elizabeth Donaghy, Ciarán McMenamin, Jaz Pollock, Caolan Byrne, Aingeal Grehan, Oliver Ford Davies, Nicholas Woodeson,

Trigun 11x17 TV Poster (1998)